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Mindflash’s footer links to a whole array of educational resource content. In the footer they’ve included some of their most competitive topics they want to rank for, like “online training” and “what is an LMS.”

Site architecture sets the foundation for UX and SEO, and it can be very tough to marry the two. Designers want clean sites that aren’t crowded by heavy drop-down menus. SEOs want lots of options for new pages to target niche topics and better optimize for search.

The results are clear. At this point it’s hard to search any outdoor-gear related question and not see REI at the top of results.

Once you click on a footer resource link, you get a new page that is essentially an article menu.

Google has been underscoring the importance of user experience (UX) for some time now. It makes sense. Sites that are designed for good user experience make for a better internet experience for all, and that is Google’s bottom line.

3. Pratima Site Architecture.

E-commerce websites have their own set of challenges. You need to organize your store by product categories that work for your brand and product lines, but you also want to create categories that speak to how potential customers search. So how do you reconcile brand presentation and SEO considerations?

When developing product categories for your e-commerce website, be sure to approach your categories from multiple vantage points or angles. Doing so will allow you to create useful user journey options for visitors arriving on your homepage and create new entry points to your site for users coming from Google search.

As you scroll down the homepage and any other page on the site, you come across a pretty large menu of links to additional popular or niche real estate search combinations.

Pratima, an Ayurvedic skincare company, has the solution.

REI , a top provider of outdoor gear, gets a gold medal for on-site SEO. I’m seriously super impressed with whomever pitched and sold their massive content development project. What REI did was create a huge new section of their site called “Expert Advice.” This new section is filled with thousands of articles covering pretty much any question a potential consumer may have about outdoor gear and lifestyle.

And it all started with a content architecture plan.

Create educational articles for your audiences and consider how best to incorporate that style of content into your website. If you are going to develop a lot of content over time for your site, you need a game plan. How can you best organize all the types of content and topics you plan on creating over time? Your architecture plan sets that foundation, so get out the drawing board!

The industries section is fantastic for SEO and it helps visitors arriving on the homepage find information about the online training platform that is specific to their unique needs.

What we get is a super simple top level nav and homepage that is focused on calls to action.

1. GreyBeard Realty Site Architecture.

GreyBeard Realty has found a killer solution. In their top level navigation they’ve included a direct path to their most popular searches, which is ideal for potential homebuyers who are entering the site through the homepage.

Don’t forget your footer when considering site architecture. Is there a way you could make your top level navigation more simple and link to content that is more SEO-focused in your site footer?

By considering their unique offerings and audiences, Mindflash was able to develop a very simple navigation that works for UX and SEO. You’ll see they call their product features “solutions.” That language works very well for a potential customer, as potential customers are seeking solutions for a challenge they have—namely how to deliver online training.

Happy users equate to better website engagement metrics. Visitors will view more pages on your site and spend more time on each one. This is a signal to Google that your site made for a good search result, and that can contribute to higher rankings in search results and overall search engine optimization (SEO) improvement.

But surely there’s more information to share than what is included in the simple top level navigation? We know for SEO that websites need to develop a lot of content to build authority and compete in search results. So where is it?

Mindflash is a platform for creating and delivering online training courses. Their software has a host of desirable features for making online training easier. They also serve a variety of industries.

SEO Takeaway:

Seriously. This level of content architecture is incredible!

While some users may search for products using general terms like “ayurvedic eye care products,” many others will search by their unique concern, such as “ayurvedic skincare solutions for acne.” Pratima’s architecture speaks to both.

What’s good for UX is good for SEO (most of the time).

The result is a very tidy architecture that still allows Mindflash to develop hundreds of educational articles that support their SEO efforts.

If you’re interested in reassessing your website architecture and making changes that support both SEO and UX, consider downloading our Digital Marketing Toolkit.

Instead of rooting all your links in your top level drop-down menus, you can create interlinking menus toward the bottom of your site pages that create an anchor for building out hundreds of pages that are vital to your SEO work. Just be sure your links are useful, well organized, and well designed.

Real estate is a notoriously competitive industry, especially where we live in Asheville, NC. In fact, we joke that you can’t throw a massage therapist without hitting a real estate agent! That fierce competition is obvious in the digital sphere as well. That means in order to seriously compete, a real estate agency must fully leverage all marketing channels to their maximum potential, and SEO is no exception.

Challenges : SalzburgerLand Tourismus had challenges with acquiring and engaging travelers from around the world. They lacked high-quality content that appealed to their target buyer.

Challenges : Despite being a well-known online magazine, Tharawat experiences very low website traffic. To reverse this trend, the company decided to introduce an SEO strategy.

Seeing examples of SEO campaigns is a great way to learn more about how SEO works and how to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business. So, let’s take a look at some of the 10 best SEO campaign examples:

The Company: 7wData is a blogging platform that has content to foster innovation and link people and products.

The Company : Kids Klub Dentistry.

9. How Content Repurposing Generated More Than 92.65% More Users Through Organic Search.

Solutions : Instead of undertaking traditional SEO improvements, CPS decided to improve its website through an overall redesign and organized content by using the entity-based content model. This entailed:

Solutions : First, they migrated the website to the WordPress platform. Then, they studied travelers’ behaviors using search intents and regional open data on inquiries and bookings. They used that data to redefine personas, market segments, and tailor information needs for each target group.

Solutions : The team worked with an SEO firm to analyze its competitor’s SEO strategy and conduct strategic keyword research. First, the dental practice improved the website to ensure titles, headings, content, and keywords were properly optimized.

OVME is a medical aesthetic practice that focuses on cosmetic enhancements and provides treatments such as botox, facials, and fillers. Potential customers expect a refined high-end experience, both offline and online, which their existing website failed to deliver.

Solutions : The first step was to simplify their website and add strong conversion opportunities throughout. The new website was also mobile optimized so that there was no opportunity to miss a conversion. At the same time, technical SEO best practices were used and the page titles, alt tags, page content, schema markup, and metadata were optimized around target keywords.

Results : Within three months, OVME increased their ranking for their target keywords, which resulted in a 10% increase in organic website traffic and a 60% increase in phone calls that came from organic search. Because their keyword strategy focused on keywords that were strongly linked to conversions, they were able to increase their online appointment bookings by 1,217%!

Results: Their new SEO strategy was able to deliver impressive results. They were able to get on the first page for 120 of their targeted keywords. As a result, they saw a 40.9% increase in website traffic and a 31.5% increase in pageviews.

Results : Within 12 months, Belden Brick Company experienced an increase in converted visitors by more than 85%. There was also an increase in the number of repeat visitors.

Solutions : The company realized that it was under-utilizing the wealth of published content on its website. So Tharawa t optimized and restructured the entire library of articles on its platform with top-ranking keywords.

Challenges : Given its huge product catalog, Belden Brick Company has many webpages. This has made it difficult for the company to update its existing website so that it worked better for clients and attracted more leads.

8. A Family-Owned Magazine Grew Traffic by 321% With Highly-Focused Content.

The Company : OVME.

Finally, the organization promotes its content on social media to reach out to the audience on mobile devices.

Results: Within a few weeks, organic traffic to 7wData grew by 30%. In roughly four months, organic users’ acquisition went from insignificant to well over 60% when compared to the previous period.

Solutions: The company prepared and optimized its web content for search engines and voice search, which increased visibility and allowed people to find content on the platform much more easily. The number of digital voice assistants is growing year over year; by optimizing for voice search, they would be able to rank well for this growing trend.

Challenges : OVME needed a major website overhaul; their existing website did not adhere to SEO best practices, was overly complicated, and failed to attract the attention of their desired customers. In addition, weak call-to-actions failed to convert website visitors.

The Company : SalzburgerLand Tourismus is responsible for marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in the region of Salzburg.

Results : With this strategy, generated over one million new organic users every month.

1. How Website Revamping Yielded a 22% Increase in Website Traffic and 87% in Mobile Traffic.

Challenges : The tourism company had an issue with some of its existing digital marketing strategies not yielding the desired results.

The first SEO campaign undertaking that should be considered to improve traffic and organic visibility of your website is by revamping the site itself. Nobody likes a website that looks sloppy. In fact, about 38% of users will no longer visit a website if it has a poor design, according to Adobe. On the other hand, attractive website design can increase traffic and leads. Google aims to deliver the best possible results to its users. That means, they favor websites that have excellent user experiences (UX). If you want to increase your website’s ranking, you need to have an excellent website design and UX.

Improving website structure is always the first step in any SEO campaign. This approach helped Belden Brick Company achieve great results.

Results: In the first five months, the company’s website witnessed a dramatic increase in its visibility. Traffic to the website rose by 321%.

Challenges: 7wData decided to become a one-stop destination where users could find all information regarding data, but the company was experiencing low traffic and a high bounce rate.

The Company: America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.

Challenges : AEB relied heavily on organic traffic to drive awareness and stimulate demand for egg consumption. However, year after year, its website showed declining traffic and organic visibility.

The keyword strategy used medium-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords yielded the most competitive rankings in the organic search results. Targeting medium-tail keywords of about three-to-four word phrases with low competition and higher monthly search volume of about 1-10K is appropriate.

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