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Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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Of course, the AYOKAY team is here to help you. Our experts will optimize your Google My Business Posts to provide your prospects with timely and to-the-point information, increasing the chances of online conversions and in-store purchases. We look forward to knowing how this blog post has helped you and whether you are interested in our services.

GMB posts can bring marketing benefits to your business on many levels. It can certainly help boost your local SEO and voice search presence. But, this unique marketing strategy requires a slightly different approach. You will need to create short, crisp, and crystal-clear GMB Posts more frequently than ever.

Further, invite users to attend an upcoming event or wish them a happy holiday or weekend to promote special offers. You can naturally include long-tail keywords that people are likely to use during a voice search in the posts.

Voice search is the future, there is no way around it. GMB Posts is a great means to tap into web traffic coming from voice searches. Nearly 46% of voice search users look for a local business on a daily basis. But most importantly, after performing a voice search, 27% of users will visit a local business’s website.

Add all these factors up, and you can see the broader picture. GMB Posts indeed have a positive impact on your local SEO and search rankings.

E. Book Appointment Post.

You can use an event post to promote special events such as a new store opening, customer appreciation days, job openings, product or service updates, charity work, awards, and other celebrations. You can link your GMB Post to a landing page explaining the relevant details.

Essentially, Google Posts are a micro-blogging element in the GMB listings. You can use a GMB Post to publish events and share new or unique products and services directly in Google searches and Maps. You can include a photo, video, text, Call-to-Action (CTA), and a URL that links to a landing page or your website.

The Post Insights feature shows how well your GMB post is doing. You can see insights for an individual post and posts from the previous week or even month. You can also check out the number of views, clicks, and percentage change for a rolling period of the last 7 or 28 days. However, you can’t see the percentage change over the value of 99.99%.

You can use this type of post to grow your email list by promoting a coupon or discount code or offer freebies in exchange for customer information. Consumers get discounts, and your email list also grows, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Let’s learn more about what GMB posts are and how they impact your local search rankings.

The trick, when it comes to voice search, is that you should think of GMB Posts as mini-advertisements or treat them like social media posts. You don’t always need to add something special – although it definitely helps!

Here is how Google Posts will help improve your local SEO and marketing.

Over the years, Google My Business (GMB) has become the go-to option for small and medium businesses to create a digital footprint on the web. It provides your business with much-needed visibility in local maps and Google searches, diverting more foot traffic to your store.

They posted short-term specials with photos and brief conversation points. The number of desired actions (website visits and phone calls) for the property with GMB Posts was almost four times higher than the one for which GMB Posts weren’t used. In short, Google Posts can absolutely result in more voice search web traffic.

Here are a few common phrases people may use in their voice search –

D. Buy Post.

Content creation for Google Posts becomes a lot easier as you can promote deals, sales, offers, and products directly. You can create different types of GMB Posts, depending on your marketing goals or CTA. Here are a few common types of GMB Posts.

Earlier, each post had a limit of 300 words, with a minimum of 100 words required for publishing. In 2018, however, Google changed this word limit to a maximum of 1500 characters – with apparently no minimum length needed.

If you are launching a new online store or making a new product available online, this type of post is the best way to create some local buzz. The link in your post will take the consumer to your e-commerce page directly.

Recently, Google has started showing Google Posts from competitors in the GMB dashboard of a few businesses. It is totally playing on the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) emotion to attract more businesses towards this feature. This means, if you are already actively using GMB posts, you are unlikely to see posts from your competitors.

Think of what type of questions or phrases your target audience will ask in their voice search and create your content accordingly. Keep the tone conversational. This is why Princeton Properties used conversation points in their GMB Posts.

The following do’s and don’ts of creating GMB Posts will help your posts get clicked.

Once you have created the right content, make sure to include the Book an Appointment CTA with the relevant URL in your GMB Posts. You can also create this URL in your GMB listing page.

6. Types of GMB Posts.

This post is similar to the buy post. But, it allows customers to book an appointment instead of placing an order. Businesses such as beauty salons, law firms, real estate agencies, barber shops, and massage parlors can book appointments using this GMB Post.

As the new character limit comes out to roughly 250 words, the overall post length has also been reduced. Still, only the first 100 or fewer characters from your post will appear in the GMB Knowledge Panel.

Creating GMB Posts is super-easy. You can build them through the desktop version of GMB listings or the GMB mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

Although optimizing your GMB page and contact details can increase your odds in voice search, it can only take you so far. With GMB Posts, however, you can add valuable information, as well as fresh and relevant content to your GMB profile, which can attract more voice search users.

Your post will remain live for seven days only. If you have created an event, it will stay up until the day after the end date. Google will automatically archive the old posts.

The buy GMB Post is just like the order online Google Post. The only difference, however, is that a store or business without an e-commerce page can also use it. Instead of adding a link to the e-commerce page, you can share the contact details and the physical address of your store so that customers can pick up the product in-person.

Over the past couple years, however, one GMB feature has gained a lot of traction for improving local SEO and voice search rankings. We are talking about GMB Posts, or simply, Google Posts. Although launched in 2016, Google My Business made the Posts feature available to local businesses on June 22, 2017.

For example, the Princeton Properties team carried out A/B testing on two similar properties to see if GMB Posts would work for them. Both properties had the same age, price point, and zip code. Although the two properties had GMB listings, they promoted only one property through GMB Posts.

Yes, it does – at least locally. It can help in a few ways.

We all make mistakes.

While there are plenty of lengthy-but-vague help docs out there, finding answers to specific problems can be challenging.

Additionally, the same BrightLocal study also revealed a typical business receives up to 59 actions per month on Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free tool, which has a direct impact on current local businesses.

Answer Questions.

The intention of Google My Business is to provide searchers with immediate and accurate information.

You can experiment with creating content specifically for your Google My Business listing.

Reviews on Google My Business are critical.

Having a content marketing platform brings structure and focus to your content marketing plan and helps you to draw upon the expertise of multiple team members with features to make collaboration easy.

And, in so far as it’s a tool offered by Google, one has to believe Google puts a high stake on content maintained there.

As content marketers, we often fail to acknowledge a significant part of our responsibility is to ensure our intended audience actually becomes exposed to our content.

The majority of actions are in the form of clicks, but unless your Google My Business listing is optimized, you could be missing out on actual phone calls or in-store visits .

Knowing how to use Google My Business is standard for every digital marketer, right?

One way to do this is to update your Google My Business listing weekly as a channel to share your current content.

Achieving rank takes time and this isn’t useful for relaying information that will go stale quickly.

Share Offers & Specials.

It does this by providing social signals to Google, by driving traffic to your website, and by providing social proof in the form of reviews.

Make your Google My Business page inviting for your customers. Think “Daily Specials,” “Seasonal Offerings,” or even weather-related: “Our Patio is Open!”

In fact, many of your contributions to Google My Business should come in the form of photos.

To take some of the leg-work out, we’ve created a handy worksheet and chart tool to determine your eligibility, and to help understand what to do if you have multiple listings or service area businesses (SABs).

If you can identify activities that are making a positive impact, then you can use these ideas for future content items.

Leverage Google My Business to give your content (and SEO) a boost. Here are tips, tools and information on verifying and promoting your business with GMB.

A 2019 study from Ben Fisher reported only 17% of the businesses reviewed had a post within the last 7 days.

Why Should I Include Google My Business in My Content Distribution Strategy?

In fact, a prompt, empathetic, and helpful response to a negative review can be more valuable than a positive review.

An important point, and perhaps the most important of all, your posts show potential customers what’s new with your business at exactly the right time – when they are looking for it.

A content marketing platform can help you manage all of your content better.

Content particularly relevant to Google My Business is locally-focused content (for example, events or specials.)

The benefits of posting on Google My Business go beyond acquiring views and clicks on your latest content.

Share projects you are proud of or which have garnered a special review.

Did you know, on average, businesses receive 943 Search views and 317 Maps views each month?

Your shop, office, or business photos should be used as your cover image.

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