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Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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20 Power Point Submissions
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Be interactive, be innovative, be helpful – you need to build an engaging community that will like and share your content, thus linking back more and more pages to your site. Google factors in social media engagement when ranking a business, and the better you’re able to engage with an audience on your social presence, the better your rank will be.

Thus, you should define your goals very clearly before starting with your local SEO audit.

Google uses relevance above anything else for local SEO, thus you should be as relevant as possible.

If that doesn’t work out either, you can always contact an SEO expert to get things sorted.

This is how local SEO works, and today, we’ll discuss how you can maximize it via a local SEO audit.

#6 Never Ignore Social Media Platforms.

PS: no local SEO audit checklist can be complete without a reference to the meta tags – you should find ways to introduce keywords there as well.

Most likely, they’ll cooperate, ticking off another entry from your local SEO audit checklist.

And that pretty much sums up: “how to do an effective local SEO audit?”

It is very much possible to get a backlink without having to work for it. Most high-ranking websites get them because they host tons of valuable content. Imagine that your site too has some pretty decent written collection that has attracted some positive attention, this can work in your favor.

Remember, when it comes to link-building, any form of spamming will be penalized; be very careful about how and where you get your backlinks. You should try to find blogs and websites related to your niche, and the blog should have a nice reputation as well.

Moreover, websites can give you NAP citations, i.e. name, address, and phone number.

If people are linking back to your work, it shows that your content has value and deserves to be explored by users. However, this only works if you create a network of high-quality backlinks because not all of them are the same.

Your Google My Business account is the backbone of local SEO for your business. If you don’t have one, set yourself up for it immediately. Without Google My Business, your presence on Google search rankings on Google Maps will be non-existent.

Now, on to the real question: how to do an effective local SEO audit?

This information will go towards tuning the search results for people based on when they searched for the relevant keywords and from where (i.e. whether you’re available at that time, your services, and your service areas/locations served).

#5 Look For Citations & Mentions.

Local SEO may not seem like much, but your business website’s success ultimately depends on it. You can’t ignore the impact of Google search rankings for a website, locally or globally. However, local endeavors are different in that they target real-life customers rather than a virtual online audience.

In case you don’t know, backlinks are hyperlinks embedded on content that redirect users (if clicked) to your content. They are put on blogs, websites, and other avenues where organic traffic is pretty decent so that you get a good flow of traffic your way too.

If you plagiarize the latter, even if it is self-plagiarized, Google will penalize you for being unoriginal. After all, what value would your content have if it has been copied from somewhere else – be sure to check out for any duplications and replace the plagiarized segments with something original.

Try to emulate their example as long as it suits your framework to bolster your searchability.

As long as your search remains relevant for the user, you will rank higher in the Google search results.

Through better monitoring of your website performance and noticing the stuff that’s attracting more clients towards your business, you can multiply your success by doing that stuff more. If, at any point, you feel lost, just take a look at what your competitors are up to.

Maybe people are talking about you, even referring to your brand, but without linking back to your site. If this is true then you’ve already gone through half of the work, all that remains is for you to contact them and politely ask them to give you a backlink since they’ve already mentioned you in a positive light.

#1 Don’t Ignore Google My Business.

Look for all the high-performing location-based keywords that offer good results and high visibility in your service area and try to incorporate as many of those in your texts as possible.

You can buy cheap backlinks, but they won’t amount to much and may even cause more harm than good. But getting a couple of high-quality backlinks is no easy task; you’ll need exceptional writing skills, valuable information, and lots of patience to pull it off.

Just be careful about consistency, if you note that the NAP citations are outdated, ask the website owner to update them, and again, be extra polite.

Back-linking is a way to show Google that you’re an authority in what you do.

The ‘near me’ tail tells Google that you’re not just looking for fine dining in general, you’re looking for a nice place to eat, near your location. Google then uses your location settings to suggest you a couple of places, based on their nearness and ratings.

If you’re unsure how to approach the back-linking problem, ask an expert, but as a general rule of thumb, you’ll be good as long as you stick to high traffic and relevant blogs.

When we talk about duplicate content, we’re of course referring to matching copy, not generic phrases that are bound to be repeated. Google distinguishes between general info texts (repeatable) and marketing copy (non-repeatable).

This way, their visitors might come over to your place if moved by their positive remarks about your service, citations, much like backlinks, boost your authority and popularity. But it is best to have both together, so don’t hesitate to request a backlink wherever you can.

✅ Widgets for Google Reviews.

✅ Contact us.

✅ Core Web Vitals check (page speed and performance)

✅ Get listed on TOP international directories & sites.

✅ WP Google Street View.

Off-Page Factors.

✅ Share interviews and press releases and link to it.

This is certainly one of the underestimated points. Social media used to have way more power than today although there’s still value in keeping relevant social media channels active.

✅ Manual driving directions + map embed.

✅ Add products (you can also list your services here)

✅ Why choose use (USPs)

✅ Guest blogging (on high DA sites or local business sites)

✅ Choose and add an appropriate business name (keywords work great)

✅ Move the menu burger icon to the right (most people are right-handed and can therefore reach the button easier)

✅ edu or gov sites.

✅ Social Reviews & Recommendations.

#2 Website.

✅ “Near me” phrases added to the body copy can work, too. Make sure they appear naturally on the page.

SEO in general and local SEO in particular are ever-changing environments. Google algorithm updates and increasing awareness of local SEO tactics make it more and more challenging to keep up with strategies to improve rankings and increase sales.

Not everything is about keywords but users still like to get relevant content when they search. The closer the matching title to the search term the higher the chance the search result will get clicked and the content consumed.

✅ Answerthepublic (free trial available)

✅ Facebook (cleaning companies, repair shops, lawyers, dentists. )

Author, Phil Rozek, publishes top-notch local SEO strategies. Quality>quantity. Even his older posts contain a ton of value – I learned a lot from his posts. localvisibilitysystem.com.

✅ Pinpoint your service areas (Only necessary if you’re running a pure service area business)

On-Page Factors.

✅ High domain authority websites.

✅ Don’t just sell (80/20 – 80% value, 20% selling)

✅ Share reviews/testimonials (Marketing Kit by Google can help)

✅ Make it easy for customers to find everything. Space is limited, tidy up.

✅ Choose relevant highlights/attributes.

✅ Location/City pages.

✅ Google auto complete (free)

A location or city landing page is a page that targets specific cities/towns/areas that you either operate in or want customers from. If you’re a local plumber from NYC, you would create a separate landing page for Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens etc.

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