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Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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A local SEO strategy is a unique plan your business can use to get found more easily by local customers. When crafting your local SEO strategy, it’s important to remember that local SEO is not the same as organic SEO.

But no matter what industry you’re in, you’re bound to see a benefit to getting found more easily online.

When it’s relevant, it can also be a good idea to put the URL location.

You’ll also want to create a solid local SEO strategy too.

Your NAP information is your name and place information. It’s vitally important that this information is consistent across the web. Google will notice inconsistent information across sites, which will raise red flags that your business is not legitimate.

How Can I Improve My Local SEO?

Google My Business isn’t the only business directory on the internet. Many different directories help people find local services, and you should make sure you’re listed on there.

Now, having a basic website and web presence is better than nothing. And if you’ve got a website up and running for your business, you’re already doing better than a lot of others. But if you want to drive as much traffic to that site as possible, you need to follow local SEO best practices.

Getting found on the web by ready-to-buy locals doesn’t have to be a complicated process. And when you follow the right local SEO strategy (and keep up with emerging SEO trends, too), your business can start seeing more growth than you ever thought possible.

Dig into what 30+ Local SEO experts have to say as they share their best local SEO tips for 2021.

If you end up moving your business, opening a new location or getting a change in telephone number, make sure to correct this information everywhere it is listed. This means your website, social media pages, local directories, and more.

Local SEO lets customers who are looking for a nearby solution find your business. For you, that means more visibility, more customers, and more revenue.

The first step is to follow the eight local SEO tips outlined in this article.

Below are a few tips you can follow to ensure you’re only working with the best local SEO agencies.

Practically every business can benefit from boosting their local SEO. Part of that is because Google is so widely used today. And another part is that people who are searching for local businesses are more likely to buy sooner than others.

To find out what people are searching for, you can perform keyword research. There are tools available online such as Ahrefs (our favorite) and Semrush that give you a picture of which keywords are most relevant to your industry and brand. This can also give you a sense of how much competition there is for ranking for different keywords.

Who Needs Local SEO?

If you do nothing else to boost your local SEO, you want to create a Google Business Profile listing. By doing this, you are basically listing yourself on the yellow pages of the internet. On top of that, this is one of the top factors that influence local SEO.

You may find that keeping up with your local SEO can be a bit time-consuming. That’s why so many businesses choose instead to have a professional local SEO company take care of it for them.

Why is that? Google’s own statistics point to the fact that roughly one-third of mobile searches are location-related. This means that many people searching for your service in your area will be doing so on a mobile device.

At Studio C5, we know how important local SEO marketing is, so contact us for a free consultation . Or learn more about the benefits of hiring an SEO expert here.

There are many different ways to encourage customers to write and leave reviews for your brand. You can have your staff ask customers for their feedback, engage with the reviews that already exist for your business online, give them an incentive to leave a review (note: if you go this route, you are incentivizing reviews in general, not just good reviews), and utilize surveys.

That being said, there are some businesses that stand to benefit more from local SEO than others, including:

Below are the eight first steps you can take to start boosting your local SEO today.

4. Encourage Customers to Write Online Reviews.

If you’re starting with local SEO, you’re probably wondering how to get your business on Google.

Below are some of the most common questions about boosting local SEO that business owners like you may have.

You provide a valuable service or product to your community, and for that reason, you have a long list of happy, regular customers. These customers are priceless when it comes to promoting your brand to others in the region, and the best way to utilize their loyalty to your company is to encourage them to write reviews online.

You’ll want to get yourself listed on global and national directories such as:

It isn’t enough to have your location listed only on your website. You need to strategically place your location information to help boost your SEO.

Local SEO is essential if you want to grow your business in 2021. While it’s possible to boost your own SEO, sometimes it can make sense to hire a local SEO service. This way, you can let the pros take care of making sure your website has maximum reach while you can focus on what’s important: running your business.

Table of Contents.

We also know from the valued clients we serve, that these home improvement companies also greatly benefit from local SEO.

If you’re looking for data to inform your 2022 local SEO strategy, you’ll want to be sure to check these and other opportunities out.

Instead of a simple image carousel or text-based facts, Microsoft Bing delivers a visually-rich SERP for local queries consisting of relevant resources gathered from Bing Maps, top images, visitor reviews, and other sources.

Learn more about the local consumer behaviors, new search features and tools, industry insights & more that will impact your 2022 strategy.

Another great resource released this year was a research paper from Milestone Inc, which analyzed 500 location-based businesses, their sessions, and page views to understand better which channels had more earnings at the best ROI.

And consumers? They’re gaining access to more of the information they care about through an increasingly rich, engaging, and seamless local search experience.

7. New Free Local SEO Tools And Insights.

The source of the problem? Google cited several, including robots meta tags, lazy-loading, blocked assets, primary content, mobile images, and videos.

When Google rebranded Google My Business as Google Business Profile, the new moniker came with updates and new features, too.

Access geographic comparisons, charts, and visualizations for data analysis at the county, state, and national levels.

In March 2021, Microsoft Bing rolled out five updates focused on providing local searchers with a richer experience by improving the integration of visual elements with its text-based search results.

Why do these things matter to local SEO professionals? Bing incorporated these same concepts into its local search results.

The search engine also made local news stories easier to find in the SERPs with these updates:

You can complete the verification process and address issues such as suspensions from Search, too, making it easier than ever to gain a powerful presence in the local search results.

In June 2021, 50% of US shoppers said they planned to check online to see if an item was in stock before buying their holiday items. But even before that searches with the phrase “in stock” increased 800%.

Mobile-first indexing has been looming since Google first announced it at the end of 2017.

That means understanding the changes to local search throughout 2021 and adjusting your 2022 local SEO strategy accordingly. So, what do you need to know about 2021’s many updates and changes?

2. Google Made It Easier To Find And Catch Up On The Latest Local News.

Some of the insights include:

Attributes provide proactive answers to questions searchers often have about a specific business type and are featured prominently on Google Business Profiles.

The tool runs on data gathered from roughly 60 million US search queries provided by Traject Data. As a result, it has a much larger sample size and is more representative of all US queries.

Call logging, messaging, and access to new data and insights in Google Search and Maps help keep customers engaged by enabling businesses to track customer phone calls and respond to missed calls.

And with data going as far back as May 2020, users can scour the data to identify exciting trends and insights to power their strategies going forward.

Gather, analyze, and visualize data collected and processed by The Associated Press about a local area.

Perhaps most impactful was that business owners no longer have to dig through an app or platform to update or correct their listings. You can add or update contact information, opening hours, add images, and more right from Google Search and Google Maps.

Google And Changing Consumer Buying Habits Disrupted Local Search.

As consumers’ informational needs have grown and local markets have become more competitive, search engines have adapted to meet these needs.

Then, it’s updated every time you sell an item, keeping the product availability up-to-date online, so searchers always know what you have in stock.

Since then, there have been several expansions, stops, and starts, including the September 2020 delay in which the search engine stated it would hold off mobile-first indexation until at least March 2021.

Google quickly responded to changing consumer buying habits as a result of the pandemic and remains the dominant force in the market.

With numbers like that, businesses can’t afford to ignore local SEO. Capturing even a portion of these searches can be game-changing for any business and life or death for those struggling.

Common Knowledge Project.

This year, many of our top local search updates are from Google, but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

To make it easier, Google announced Pointy integration.

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