Matthew Carter
Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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20 High DA Forum Profiles
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20 Video Submissions
Power Point Creation
20 Power Point Submissions
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1 Weebly Post
10 High PA Tumblr Posts
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Once you have created some valuable content that speaks directly to your target audience and actually provides value and helps them, then you need to tweak some technical elements. If your website is on WordPress, install Yoast SEO and alter the Meta Title, Description, Schema & Social Sharing. Make sure you get the highest score possible for those pages using Yoast’s score counter.

We design & develop all of our websites with your target audience in focus. All of our websites come with a core ground of SEO (Yoast SEO, Image Alt & Titles, Fast Loading & Keyword Focused Titles/Content).

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel tracking is critical, so we always make sure your website has that integrated. We make sure that your website is optimised to it’s best, for converting your visitors into customers. Delayed Pop Up Modals, Call To Action strips, Floating Buttons, Regular Appointment/Purchase Actions, and lots more.

Reece is a highly competent, professional WordPress website designer and developer. Thanks to his skills, reliability and helpful attitude Reece is my go-to guy when a client of mine needs a website. If you have any need of assistance with your website, SEO, e-commerce, etc, I would recommend Reece every single time! 11/10!

Reece at Global Exposure has designed our website to a very high standard while providing a great monthly SEO service we have been using. Couldn’t recommend enough.

How can I rank higher for my business locally in Milton Keynes?

We research the best industry leading websites for your industry and will provide you with a perfect content structure so that you know exactly what content you need for your website to be the best.

You might be thinking, how can I build a tool?

You can buy one for cheap online, white-label it, and then host it on your website. Simple! You will need help from a developer, like us. We can help you with this as we’re Website & SEO specialists, so you have the best of both worlds.

This way, when you’re speaking to an SEO Agency , you will know if they really understand the Search Engine Optimisation works.

Click here to book a telephone/Zoom call with our lead SEO specialist Reece.

Neil’s traffic grows all the time and he keeps people going to his website by offering them a great tool they can use on his website, Uber Suggest.

Make sure you are regularly collecting several reviews per week to stay ahead of the competition. Keep regularly adding content to your Google Business and make sure your profile is 100% complete.

If you’ve opened this question, it tells me you want to take action quickly. If this is correct, click here and book a meeting with us. Let us take control over your SEO and leave it all to us, a professional & effective SEO agency.

Reece is a great website designer & SEO specialist. I recommend Global Exposure to all of my clients and each one of them are extremely happy with the results that they provide. If anybody is looking for a Website Company in Milton Keynes then definitely get in touch! 5 Star!

3) Create a profile at your local Chamber of Commerce (you must include your website link).

#1 Website Design Milton Keynes.

Ranking 1st on Google could seriously change your business. But only if you have a serious SEO Agency behind you to guide you there.

4) Sign up for our Milton Keynes Local Business Directory by clicking here.

If you’re an SEO company in Milton Keynes (like us), talk about different things Milton Keynes based businesses can do to improve their ranking (just like this FAQ). You can compare different MK based SEO agencies and how effective they are, rank them based on lots of different factors. Advise those businesses on different strategies they can implement. You could tell them where they should get their Virtual Address in Milton Keynes to help their Google Business listing (the more central, the better).

We optimise your website for search engines & for your user – which is absolutely critical in 2021. We can confidently say, we provide the best SEO services in Milton Keynes .

1) Write better content than your competitors (Check out the skyscraper technique by clicking here).

2) Build your backlinks by writing great content for other blogs/companies.

“We were looking for a great SEO Agency in Milton Keynes, then we came across Global Exposure. They helped our website rank really well, and now we receive regular traffic and several emails per day.”

How Our SEO Strategy Starts.

6) Make your website quicker by switching website hosts/rebuilding – some of our websites that we’ve built load in 0.4 seconds. As long as you’re below 2.5 seconds, that’s fine, but the quicker the better.

I had major issues with my previous company who hosted my website but Reece made the process easy for me and took the problem from my hands.

If local SEO scares you, you’re not alone, but the good news is that even though it sounds complicated, it really isn’t hard once you learn a few basics .

Create valuable content that speaks directly to Milton Keynes businesses and post this on your website & your Google Business listing.

Reece’s SEO knowledge is second to none. He delivered a seamless SEO strategy tailored to my needs which reaped instant rewards. No request was too big and he always found the time to answer any questions I had. I was impressed by his strategic knowledge and would thoroughly recommend.

My SEO work has been working from the first month and starting to get great results.

It’s very easy for companies and businesses to hand over their SEO needs to an SEO Agency, but it’s very important to have a base of knowledge and have some understanding of how it all works.

Thank you again!

SEO is an amazing way to attract new clients, boost your brand image, and build trust and credibility. There is a perceived authenticity and trust factor when a potential customer finds who they are looking for at the top of Google.

A top 5-star Google rating.

Best Creative Agency Award.

Red Giraffe can help you build your organic rankings and attract new customers, day and night.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the art of improving a website’s organic search engine rankings. PPC involves creating a sponsored ad, which then charges you each time someone clicks on your advert. Which one is better depends on what you’d like to achieve. PPC is typically faster and offers quick results, whereas SEO offers long term domain authority and is seen as a medium to long term marketing solution.

White Hat Strategies.

Red Giraffe’s SEO specialists have a wealth of experience optimising websites to rank well in Google; we know what works and what doesn’t! We’re focussed on one thing – getting you an awesome return on investment! Google’s algorithms change all the time – what you knew about SEO last year may be obsolete today. Let us keep up with the changes so you don’t have to.

One of the most common questions we get asked about SEO at Red Giraffe is “so what do you actually do?”

Red Giraffe will send you monthly reports which break down your results. Our reports are designed to be as easy to understand as possible, and show you waht we’ve been doing, what ROI you’re getting, and what our plans are moving forward.

To learn more about what we do and how we do it, read about our SEO process here.

We then work on improving your conversion rate, so that your increased traffic leads to more sales, more engagement and more enquiries.

We adhere to the very latest Google-approved SEO strategies to ensure you get sustainable results and improved search engine visibility.

Your strategy is built upon solid data, enabling us to create the most efficient, results-oriented campaigns possible with the greatest chances of success.

Technical SEO is all the wonderful, geeky stuff that goes on behind the scenes in order to improve the accessibility of your website for crawling and indexing. This covers everything from page speed and sitemaps to internal linking and schema markup.

Our open and transparent approach, experienced in-house team, award-winning services, and five star Google Reviews are all a sure sign that you’re in safe hands with Red Giraffe.

SEO Case Study: Allan White Sports Cars.

Then look no further. Red Giraffe utilise proven white hat SEO strategies to help your website rank online and climb to the top of Google.

Best Website Award 2020.

We believe each agency charges what they feel their services are worth. If some charge less than us, then ask yourself why do they consider their services worth less, and what corners are they cutting?

It’s not voodoo, wizardry or any other mysterious antics; in this article we bare all and lay out exactly what we do, how we do it, and the exact process and strategy we use to help our clients achieve a top Google ranking.

As opposed to black hat SEO, which utilises shady techniques such as keyword stuffing and buying backlinks, white hat SEO is the art of optimising your website inline with Google’s best practices.

No.1 on ‘Three Best Rated’ 2021.

Our approach to SEO.

Sure, your results may take a little longer to kick in than using the black hat stuff, but at least you’re safe in the knowledge you won’t get blacklisted by Google!

Official Google Partner.

Comparing SEO agencies is not like comparing apples with apples. An SEO agency is like an olympic personal trainer; each agency is effectively competing to see who can create the best optimised website to win in the race and rank the highest. The more work you do and the better you do it, the more likely your website is to succeed and rank higher than your competitors.

Many companies choose to do both sitmultantiouslty, in order to maximise reach and attract larger audiences.

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