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Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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20 Power Point Submissions
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“He who misses the tide must wait for the next moon.”

You can then try to get links from these sites via guest posting, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), or any other link-building strategy.

We’ll talk more about this in the “Jarvis Integration” section of this Surfer SEO review.

The Content Planner allows you to plan content based on:

Anyway, back to the Content Audit.

Jarvis Integration.

Internal linking is great to spread link juice, reduce bounce rate, increase conversions, and help Google with crawling and indexing.

You can simply click “Share” and share the link to the interactive editor with your team members.

On the right sidebar, you’ll find two tabs—the Guidelines and Brief tabs.

The ones that will have the most impact on your rankings will most likely be the terms to use, common backlinks, and page speed.

One of the things I’d say I don’t like is how overwhelming the SERP analyzer feels.

Ideally, your pages should load in less than three seconds.

With this tool, you can simply enter your keyword(s) and the URL of the page you want to audit and click “Run Audit” to let Surfer do its thing.

To use the Content Planner for your domain, all you have to do is enter your URL, and let Surfer do its thing.

Say you have a fitness blog and want to plan content around muscle building.

You probably noticed that a lot of people are also mentioning a tool called Jarvis.

5. Exact Keywords.

It might be nice if they could highlight the important information that most people need to know and add a different tab for advanced analytics.

Keep in mind that this is a Surfer SEO review, not a full-blown tutorial or Google SEO guide, so I won’t go over how to find these pages (you can use GSC for that).

I can definitely see how some people would look at all the graphs and get scared.

And if you haven’t used a term enough, it will tell you how many more times you should add it.

The Basic plan is $59/month and comes with:

These questions are pulled by Surfer from the top-ranking pages and Google suggestions—they also have a tab with recommendations made from Surfer’s own database.

If a lot of the pages that rank for “how to build muscle” also rank for another keyword like “increase muscle,” then Surfer will show a high SERP similarity.

1. Basic.

For example, if you’ve used a term too much, it will tell you to remove a few instances of that term to prevent you from over-optimizing your blog post.

It uses its own algorithm and natural language processing (NLP) to determine which keywords have the most influence on rankings.

Now let’s take a look at their Content Audit feature that can be used to update and optimize blog posts.

It also lets you choose the country and device you want the results from—mobile or desktop.

Partial keywords are words that could be created from the first three letters of every word from your main keyword.

Another technique people use to rank higher on SERPs is to include some of the “People Also Ask” questions on their blog post outline.

As an engineer, I appreciate detailed data, but I feel it could be presented in a much cleaner and organized way.

Surfer chooses the recommended keywords based on their prominence on your competitors’ content.

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools in the world. It’s a bundle of excellent services. You can bate your competitor using Ahrefs’ powerful features.

No, there is no possibility of getting banned. Because Surfer doesn’t break any terms and conditions and is legal to use.

Surfer is a tool that is designed for optimizing content for search engine result pages.

3. Is there any chance of getting banned, or Is It legal to use Surfer?

Surfer has unlimited powerful and beneficial features that can help to boost up your business. Besides, it is an affordable tool.

How do I Optimize Existing Content with Surfer SEO.

Every online business’s major goal is more, you need to reach huge potential customers faster than your competitors.

Moreover, the Ahref Rank Tracker tool compares your performance with your competitor’s performance. It provides the results from 170 countries for both mobile and desktop.

A view, Surfer’s SERP Analyzer tool analyses the top 48 Google search results. In fact, Surfer SEO takes into over 500 ranking factors, such as:

Surfer SEO tool is an excellent SEO audit tool that will capture your attention. if you’re curious about how to optimize an existing article-specific keyword.

Besides that, This new feature is currently trial your niche. that is helping to optimize your content strategy by creating a niche.

But, you receive a simple chart that shows you roughly how many words your article should have to compete with the top 10 SERP places.

So, enter a keyword or URL into this tool to discover how an article or page optimizes for an article. The features focus that:

Surfer pro plan is mainly designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses and others. this is the most plan for surfer SEO charges $119 per month and $99 per offers 10 Content Edit,20 Audits, Free NLP, invite 3 term members, and also 24/7 support.

You need to enter a list of keywords and specify the location. it will start analyzing the data and provide you with a report on the focus keyword.

A business plan is the highest plan of this software. By using this, you can take your business to the next charges $339 per month and $199 per offers 70 Content Edit,140 Audits, Free NLP, invites 3 term members, white labeling, API, and also 24/7 support.

Is Surfer SEO Worth it.

4. How Much Time does Surfer Take to Provide Customer Support Service?

It has 24/7 customer support service. But Surfer takes 24-72 hours to provide customer support service.

Besides, Keyword Explorer is the most powerful feature of Ahrefs. It supports over 100 languages. Ahrefs keyword explorer shows volume metrics. So, you can analyze your target keyword and also competitor gaps.

if you are speaking keyword research? Surfer SEO has built the ultimate keyword research tool.

Alone with, the tool is saving me a significant amount of time. When you are writing fresh content or trying to boost the ranking of an existing blog article.

Surfer Content Editor is one of the major features among the other features. this Editor helps you outline and write content that’s optimized for SERP.

besides, This feature also analyzes the content structures. including word count, a number of images, and average paragraph count.

Pro plan.

People compare Surfer vs Ahrefs. However, it is not the only alternative. Some Surfer alternatives are Ubersggest, SEMRush, and KWFinder.

Therefore, you need to advance based tools that fulfill your demand and get more results. The SEO tool should be affordable and a time saver for everyone.

Fastly, the Surfer SEO tool is an easy and outstanding feature but needs some improvement. Here is Overwhelming for Beginners: While Surfer SEO is simple to use. To understand the details of Surfer, you must have in-depth knowledge of it.

However, most people don’t know about Surfer SEO tools. In this article, I will discuss in detail the surfer SEO tools reviews, pricing, and other features.

Surfer SEO is an excellent on-page optimization tool that was founded in 2008 by Slawek Czakowsi. The Surfer SEO tool investigates why top pages rank higher for your keywords.

So, Let’s discover the Surfer price and plans in detail:

On the whole, the Surfer SEO tool is better chose for the content and content optimization side. but Ahrefs tools is keyword and website explorer that helps you analyze exiting content.

Surfer can assist in two ways: it can create fresh optimized content and it can optimize old pages.

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