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Hello friends, my name is Matthew Carter. I’m a professional link builder for a large SEO agency in New York City.


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One end of the spectrum is black hat SEO and on the other, white hat SEO. Black hat SEO takes advantage of the process, implementing strategies to rank a site without any need to follow rules.

We understand the importance of this and as a result, we can make your site an authority in your niche. Charles Leveillee is here to help you at each level.

On the other hand, white hat SEO strategies are for effective and reliable results in the online market.

SEO is the best strategy that creates an ethical, substantially successful website and business. Wearing a white hat means you are playing with rules.

newApps understands the importance and role of white hat SEO strategies for the growth and development of your online brand. We believe in providing you with result-driven digital marketing solutions.

They Safeguard Your Business’ Reputation.

A white hat SEO strategy is a search engine strategy which is put in place for long-term goals and objectives. It organic and natural.

SEO is not an expense, it is an investment with a high return on investment in the long run. Black hat tactics give fast results, but only last until Google filters and bans your website from the search engine.

Straight talking honesty, fresh creativity, and dedicated professionalism distinguish the agency from other organic SEO experts available in the market. Charles Leveillee offers creative and strategic consultancy to clients who are searching for higher rankings.

As a result, he can play a crucial role in the online success and growth of your company. This evolution unintentionally spawned two distinct yet powerful realms of site ranking practice.

Slow and steady wins the race! White hat SEO strategies take time to give you substantial results. They grow steadily over time because you’re targeting human, not search engines, where wide fluctuations in visibility are rare.

newApps Agency is a full-service SEO agency which takes pride in offering expert white hat SEO services. Founded in 2006 by Charles Leveillee, newApps helps local, national, and eCommerce companies leverage SEO to gain core competitive advantage.

As the online world quickly advances, it has become increasingly overwhelming to determine how to utilize best SEO practices. Features such as content, blog posts, SERPs, organic ranks, search marketing, and algorithm updates, add to the complexity.

Ultimately, our white hat SEO services can help you attract the potential customer base and engage with them. As a result, you can convert the customer base into website traffic leads and increase overall sales volume.

This includes on-page SEO, white hat link building, or content writing. newApps Agency is the one-stop solution for all your white hat SEO needs.

newApps Agency is a full-service SEO agency.

It’s hard to increase and maintain your business reputation, particularly in a digital world. To gain and sustain visibility in organic search, it’s essential to utilize techniques that demonstrate your understanding search engine guidelines.

These shady tactics are relentlessly considered to be low and bottom feeding methods of link building. On the other hand, white hat SEO strategies implement tactics that push for site ranking naturally and by the rules.

newApps Agency plays by the rules of the game and helps to get you ahead of the competition. Search engine marketing strategy is the only tactic which keeps you up to date with changes in Google algorithms.

On the other hand, white hat SEO techniques add goodwill to the bottom line. Ultimately, white hat SEO strategies will add value and longevity to your website.

White hat SEO services build a long-term quality relationship with consumers. When leveraging these best in class SEO solutions, they increase authentic traffic from multiple channels.

The SEO process is like a marathon, not a sprint. This continuous process is like machinery which you can drill for oil and mine for gold.

Better ROI.

White hat SEO practices diverge from black hats concerning link building style and the overall ranking strategy. Charles Leveillee is a white hat SEO expert who proudly practices these white hat tactics for his clients.

There is no trick or manipulation. A white hat SEO expert can make your site noticeable and make it user and search engine friendly.

Why are white hat SEO practices critical for your site ranking in search engines?

Therefore, to succeed in digital marketing, nothing beats the effectiveness of partnering with Charles Leveille, a white hat SEO expert . White hat SEO utilizes optimization strategies and tactics to focus on the human audience rather than on the search engines.

Playing around with black hat SEO techniques will lead you nowhere. While your business will get noticed by Google, it will not be in good ways.

Additionally, they also allow others to share your content and expand the word of mouth. This ultimately raises the awareness about your brand.

With hundreds of clientele and top SEO services, newApps is considered a top-rated white hat SEO company on Google. White hat SEO tactics are authentic online marketing strategies that play a substantial role in bringing relevant information to readers.

Be innovative: The only permanent thing in the world is change. Be innovative with your brand and don’t fear to take a risk. Keep in mind that new entrants are getting into the market and your competition is always innovating. Your business should always innovate in ways that the competitors find demanding to go along.

You can do that by:

The tactics remain within bounds as defined by the search engines. Examples of white hat SEO tactics include:

Then concentrate on utilizing the keywords to create great content like videos or how-to articles that are related to the intention of your keywords and consumers.

#2 Make Your Website Simple To Navigate.

Why Practice White Hat SEO?

Below are some of the strategies you should use to ensure that you only practice white hat SEO:

Failing to use white hat SEO tactics techniques can cause your site to get blocked by the search engines. As the leading search engine, Google gets billions of visits every day, and each visit is a possibility for your website to get discovered by a new consumer. Our team of Denver SEO experts will help you get and stay on the right track when it comes to this.

#1 Create Quality Content.

That means that you need to create original and unique content. It is what both the search engines and consumers want.

Identifying and solving the pain points of the clients: Research all the problems facing your clients by asking them open-ended questions to identify what exactly the customers need when using your services or products. The objective here is to offer solutions to their problems rather than selling your brand. Your brand will spontaneously begin to sell when you provide what the competitors don’t have.

Links are very crucial if you want to rank for subjects in the search engine results. The top-ranking pages will always have several backlinks. But link building is not an easy task; that is why most businesses result in purchasing links.

Republishing Existing Content Without Credit: Even if republishing content with credit is fine, stealing them from other websites without attribution and republishing is not.

Copying content from other websites and publishing it on your site is wrong. Also, Google does not like copied content as it does not help the consumers.

Content-stealing is a lousy black hat SEO idea that is always questionable to both the consumers and the search engines. While stolen content can rank in the search engine results pages, the chances are that users will not stay on your website if they don’t trust your content. And they are likely not to return, either.

#4 Link Building.

Should You Practice White Hat SEO Tactics?

Spun or Rewritten content: To an extent, that can work for keywords that are not competitive, but it is not providing consumers with any distinctive value. The likelihood is that your content will not deliver as good as the original content – and the audience will not trust it.

Consider connecting with your audience to establish strong and lasting relationships with them. Smart businesses cancel out the impact of competitors to advance in the business.

Creating quality content is not the end; you have to find the right audience and reach them. That does not have to be a challenging task. It involves having empathy with your clients and prospects.

Be careful when establishing the information architecture of your site. User-friendly websites tend to do better in organic search results than those with a complex design. The search engines have always encouraged website owners to make offering an exceptional user experience their primary goal. The algorithms used by search engines to rank websites are increasingly becoming smarter, and websites that are easy to navigate are positioned to get the most benefits.

Some of the black hat SEO content-stealing tactics include:

Develop quality content that solves the problems of the audience and meets their needs. Use SEO tools for keyword research to determine the most appropriate keywords that your website content should rank for.

Expand your niche to increase the room for your business: The market is crowded and offers less room for expansion. It is crucial to provide something new for you to minimize competition. Storytelling is an excellent strategy to enhance your business by creating creative stories around your brand. That will make it easier to target potential customers. Also, it will increase your rate of customer retention.

Without a doubt! The best means of creating a successful, sustainable, and ethical business and the website is through implementing white hat SEO tactics.

Quality content includes a captivating title, is readable and well structured, has relevant keywords, and seeks to provide help to the consumers.

Google is definitely a strong traffic source to your site and getting banned can cause a severe drop in the traffic to your website and general business. Think about all what your website does for your business and consider what it would be like to get banned from the web’s most popular search engine. And even worse, when your website is banned, there is no guarantee that it will ever get listed again.

#3 Develop A Marketing Strategy That Is Better Than That of Your Competitors.

White hat SEO are the techniques that align with the rules and regulations of the search engines like Google.

Why take chances? Explore a complete guide of the white hat SEO techniques that are approved by Google at Webmaster guidelines. Google’s Webmaster SEO tools have the resources you require to learn the white hat SEO methods.

The goal is to identify the intention of the user and then create a strategy for easy navigation – an approach that arouses a positive feeling and results in general positive experience.

The opposite of white hat SEO is black hat SEO. Primarily, white hat SEO includes tactics that enhance your search engine results page rankings while upholding your website’s integrity and staying within the search engines’ terms of use.

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